A Camera Lady

Pretty Ugly


 “The film Pretty Ugly is a candid look at the chemicals in personal care products and cosmetics. Are they a toxic cocktail we are slathering on our bodies every day OR are they harmless ingredients that enhance our daily get-ready-regimen? Filmmaker Andrea Palombella undertakes a passionate quest to decode the synthetic, syllable-laden ingredients inside the bottles that fill America’s bathroom cabinets. She peels back the label on personal care products, investigating what chemical ingredients are linked to diseases like cancer, reproductive issues and other illnesses—and what options consumers have to combat or boycott these unregulated, and potentially toxic products.

Featuring interviews with experts in disease prevention, biochemistry, oncology and toxicology, the film takes a deep dive into the cumulative effects of using these chemicals in our daily regimens—including lead, formaldehyde and synthetic plasticizers. Environmental watchdog organizations address why the FDA is not regulating cosmetics and toiletries, as well as what the future holds for the battle of the consumer’s health versus the $62 billion per year cosmetics and toiletries industry.”


“Pretty Ugly” had its first shoot days in spring 2017, which was followed by a successful fundraising campaign in 2018. Andrea Palombella is directing and producing this feature-length project. Visit prettyuglythefilm.com for more information and updates.