Mom | Short Film

Alex has ulterior motives when she responds to a retired woman's rental listing. But what Alex doesn't know is that her host has ulterior motives of her own...

Director: Morgen A. Whiteman

Cinematographer: Rinny Wilson

Hill of the Hapersnoks

A short film by "The Traveling Cartwheel Circus," a new collective formed by Andrea Stefl and Rinny Wilson.  The project was a collaboration with many Richmond filmmakers, including composer Carlos Chafin of In Your Ear Studios and animation by Studio Flatland.

2015 Cinematography Reel

A collection of camera work from 2014.

2014 Post-Production Reel

Editing, compositing, motion graphics and other post-production work.

"Finding Alyce" Scene - Alyce Tosses the Keys

"Finding Alyce" is an independent feature film that was shot in 2014.  Dalton and Alyce fall in love in the summer of 1972, and go on a road trip together.

The March of Dimes PSA

The March of Dimes is a non-profit organization that funds research for healthy, full-term pregnancies.  Each year they organize a walk to help raise money for their efforts.  This March for Babies from 2013 was the 43rd since the tradition started in 1970.

Richmond: Virginia's Business Capital


The City of Richmond, Virginia's Department of Economic and Community Development launched its first webpage in November 2012.  While the page's development was in progress, they approached  Dreams Factory  and  In Your Ear with the idea of integrating video into their new marketing strategy.

Their goal was to present Richmond as an exciting business, logistics and cultural hub with real people telling their stories of Richmond, and for the audience to get a sense of their excitement for the city they live in. We achieved this by collaborating with the Economic Development and Community Development department in editing the interviews of dozens of people in a way that would satisfy this goal.

I was glad to be the head editor and motion graphics artist on this project. The executive producers were Tim Dowdle and Terry Stroud, with sound engineering by Paul Bruski.

The entire campaign can be accessed by visiting and clicking through the banner image.